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— ephemeral —
"above the dark shade of pain, at the doorsteps of farewell, even if i take a brutal fall, i can manage if it were for you. instead, i’ll give myself to you who don’t know me. don’t cry, give me chilling laughter instead of hot tears."

goodbye, my lovelies! ♡

Anonymous said:
can you share your gifing action? please..

I’m sorry but I don’t want to give it out, even if I don’t blog anymore. It’s not mine and I don’t want to give out my friend’s action.

Anonymous said:
I want to still keep in touch with you. We used to talk a lot but i became inactive but when I came to your blog I see that your gone. :(

I’m sorry ;o; Do you have twitter? Follow me @sarangbits, I go there more frequently and we can continue talking! c:

Anonymous said:
Gosh, I miss you. Please come back! Please chat with us followers :,(

I aaaam hereeee, but just for now~

Anonymous said:
Omg its too late to say goodbye T. barbie, I'm gonna really miss you. I'm not logged in thats why I'm on anon. We use to talk and stuff. I will miss your posts.

Sorry for the late answer, thank you so much hun, hope you are doing good :)

Anonymous said:
I think it would be nicer of you to give away the URL.. but anyways good luck with life ^^

I don’t want to give it away, it has become a part of my tumblr and people know/knew me by this url, I think it would be pretty confusing if I gave it to someone else.

But thank you so much :)

jesschest replied to your post “BARBIE IM GONNA MISS YOU D: Even though it’s sad to see you go, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

TOTI jdfhksdgljsdgjkdhskjghdjgkh I will just for you! but only if you promise to do the same. <3333

Hahaha I promise!! <3333

Hi! Just wanted to say that i'll miss you and i hope you'll enjoy your life.. you were one of my fave blog :) xx <3

Hi there, thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog :) Best luck in life! xx ♥

minshuo said:
aw it was nice having you on my dash ;3; i wish you everything good with your life <3 hope to see you again sometime!

Thank you so much Jay, the same goes to you! :)

favoun said:
Oh you’re leaving :c ? Although we’ve never talked I will miss your post on my dash and your beautiful edits. I hope you stay well. Have a great life and Merry Christmas ^^

Yes I am :c Thank you so much, I hope you also stay well :) Happy Holidays! <3

jesschest said:
BARBIE IM GONNA MISS YOU D: Even though it's sad to see you go, you gotta do what you gotta do. <3 I wish you the best in life and I'm happy to have met you. :) STAY IN SCHOOL AND ALWAYS USE UR HEAD ILL ALWAYS BE HERE STILL U KNOW IF ANYTHING

I’M GONNA MISS YOU TOO :( I’m really happy I’ve met you as well. Please remain the hilarious and nice Toti I’ve got to know <3 Wishing you the best and thank you so much! <3

Anonymous said:
even you will gonna leave this blog.. but, you still a sone and an exotic right? ;;__;;

I’m gonna be honest with you, no, I don’t consider myself a sone nor an exotic :( I have been out of kpop for a long time now and it doesn’t interest me anymore so I don’t want to call myself those. But I still do wish the best for them as well :)

kaiihun said:
barbie :c omg you're leaving ;~; ?! god dammit you asshat T^T im going to miss you /oh this is my new blog btw/ ugh i cant randomly pop into your ask and send you rants about me fangirling. Oh btw TAENGSIC IS ALIVE

Haha finally Taengsic is alive! And yes, I’m sorry bby! I’ll miss you too :)

jumons said:
we never really talked but i was always a fan of you and your blog. you'll be missed x ♡

Thank you so much, you’ll be missed as well! <3

Anonymous said:
I think I was one of your first followers (I don't know for sure but I just know that it's been a very long time) and I just wanted to say that I will sincerely miss you and your posts on my dashboard. Your little commentary in the tags make me laugh and your posts are always the ones that I reblog. It makes me really sad to see you leave, but at least you are happy and that's great. Thank you for being an amazing blogger! I wish you the best in real life~

I’m glad I could make you laugh with my silly commentaries :) Thank you so much, I hope you are happy as well and I wish you all the best in life!

Barbie you're leaving? T-T I'll miss you a lot! I hope everything is going well for you as far as school and life goes. Hopefully you'll check in every once in a while

Yes :( Thank you Martin, for everything in general. You are a really precious and important person to me, I hope you know that. Please, don’t underestimate yourself because you are truly amazing. :) Best wishes and I’ll miss you too <3

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